Frequently asked questions


Due to the ever increasing number of POIplace user, the number of incoming e-mails has grown to such a level that it is no longer possible to answer all of them.
That was the reason for this page: a list of frequently asked questions and their answers.



Where should I install CheckPOInt?
You should install CheckPOInt in the main memory of your Pocket PC; don't install it on a storage card.

Where does CheckPOInt store its data?
CheckPOInt stores its data on your Pocket PC.
Images are stored in the folder "My documents\CheckPOInt Files".
Overlay files are stored in the folder that contains TomTom Navigators map data (e.g. "\SD Card\Benelux Naviagor Map").


CheckPOInt and TomTom Navigator

Why does TomTom Navigator not show the POI's I've downloaded? How can I make POI's visible on the map?
After you've synchronized and downloaded POI's,  you have to tell TomTom Navigator explicitly that it should show the POI's on the map.
To do so, go to the "map" view of TomTom, and from its "File" menu select the option "Properties". Then select the third tab, and you will see an overview of all available POI types. Select the ones you want to see on the map.

How many overlay files can TomTom Navigator handle?
Depending on the version of TomTom Navigator, the maximum number of overlays is 31 or 63.
So, make sure not to select more than the maximum number of overlays in the Synchronize window.

What does it mean when TomTom Navigator gives the following warning: "too may poi files, loading aborted"?
See the previous question for the cause of this situation.
When TomTom Navigator shows this error message, the only thing you can do is to remove overlay files by hand:
  • Start the "File Explorer" application on your Pocket PC.
  • Go to the folder that contains the map data that TomTom Navigator makes use of
     (e.g. "\SD Card\Benelux Navigator Map")
  • Them remove those files with the extension ".OV2" that you don't really need

How can I see that CheckPOInt is running?
See the manual page!

Is it true that CheckPOInt slows down TomTom Navigator?
It's not CheckPOInt that slows TomTom Navigator down. In most cases that is caused by the number of overlay files you're using.


CheckPOInt and other navigation systems

Does CheckPOInt work in combination with TomTom Navigator on Palm PDA's?
No, CheckPOInt only works in combination with TomTom Navigator on the Microsoft Pocket PC or Windows Mobile operating system.

Does CheckPOInt work in combination with TomTom Go, Alturion, Engin and/or Navigon?
The answer to all these questions is: no.
CheckPOInt only works in combination with TomTom Navigator on the Microsoft Pocket PC or Windows Mobile operating system.


CheckPOInt and POIplace

What does it mean when CheckPOInt give the following warning: “The email address and / or security code is invalid”
It means that CheckPOInt tried to verify the combination of the e-mail address and security code you entered in the Synchronization Settings window, and POIplace responded that it does not know the combination you entered.
The most common cause is that you did not enter the security code exactly as you received it. Please make sure to do so!
To help you out: the security code exists of 8 letters, with alternating capitals and non-capitals (e.g. "AaBbCcDd").
Don't enter your (self-chosen) password; enter the security code you received in the e-mail!

Another frequent cause for problems in the validation of the e-mail address / security code combination is that CheckPOInt has problems connecting to the POIplace website. See the following questions for more information about that.

What's wrong when CheckPOInt warns that it cannot connect to the POIplace website?
The most common cause for this situation is that the settings for connecting to the internet are wrong.
Go to the Internet Settings window to make sure that CheckPOInt uses the right settings to connect to the internet.
If that does not solve the problem, please read the page about connecting your Pocket PC to the internet and follow the instructions.

What went wrong when CheckPOInt tells me that an unknown error occurred while it was refreshing or synchronizing?
In most of the cases when an unknown error occurs this has to do with cookies. In its communication with POIplace CheckPOInt makes use of cookies. So you have to allow the use of cookies on your Pocket PC.
To do this, follow these steps:

  •  On your Pocket PC start up the Internet Explorer
  •  From the menu "Tools" select the item "Options"
  •  Go to the tab "Advanced"
  •  Make sure the checkbox called "Allow cookies" is checked

CheckPOInt shows this same error message when something unexpected happened in the communication with POIplace, e.g. a time-out. Most of the time this is caused by heavy traffic on the internet and/or the POIplace webserver. Simply try again later.

I try to synchronize but CheckPOInt keeps telling me that I should first select the country of the map that TomTom Navigator currently uses. But the list for selecting a country is empty. What's wrong?
Before you can synchronize you first have to refresh to retrieve information about the overlays that are available on POIplace.
So first click the "Refresh" button before you click the "Synchronize" button.

I downloaded the overlays from POIplace, put them in the right folder on my Pocket PC, they are visible in CheckPOInt but the images are not shown; how come?
The simple answer is: don't download the overlay files by hand, but use the synchronization features of CheckPOInt instead!
CheckPOInt will automatically download the overlays, their images and make sure they are all placed in the right folders on your Pocket PC.

I can't connect my Pocket PC to the internet. Can I still use the synchronization features?
No, you can't use the synchronization features.
But you can download the overlay files from POIplace by hand, and then transfer them to your Pocket PC (by hand as well).


Recording new POI's

When I add a POI on TomTom map using TomTom's own functions, the new POI does not appear in the list of recorded POI's.
That's true. The list of recorded POI's only shows POI's you recorded using CheckPOInt's POI recording functions, and only such POI's can be synchronized with POIplace.



The screenshots on the website show a Windows XP look-and-feel; how did you get that on your Pocket PC?
The XP look is thanks to FaceLift v1.7