Using your Pocket PC for navigation is cool: just connect it to a GPS receiver and start driving! There is a number of applications that enable your PDA for navigation. TomTom Navigator is a good choice.

One of the advantages of TomTom Navigator is that it allows you to download so called "overlays" from the internet. These overlays contain the coordinates of so called "points of interest" (POI's). If you put these overlays in the directory that contains the map data, TomTom Navigator will show the POI's on the screen:


So what do you need CheckPOInt for?

TomTom Navigator shows the POI's on the screen, but when you're driving you can't watch your PDA's display all the time.

That's why CheckPOInt was written: to give you an audible warning when you approach a POI.

As you can see in the screenshot, some of the overlays you can download contain the coordinates of speed cameras. Therefore one of the purposes you can use CheckPOInt for is to warn you when you approach one. Not that you're speeding all the time; but just that single occasion when you're in a hurry...

See the manual for the details.

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What to do if you had to pay for CheckPOInt?

CheckPOInt is free software!
If you had to pay for it, we strongly advise you to go back to your reseller and demand a refund!



CheckPOInt 6.0 released!
This version can be used in combination with TomTom Navigator 6.


CheckPOInt 5.2.1 released.
This version can be used in combination with TomTom Navigator 5.