Manual - Using CheckPOInt


When you start CheckPOInt, it will appear as a little icon in the lower right corner of your Pocket PC's "today" screen:

By tapping on the icon with your stylus, CheckPOInt's menu will appear:

The menu options are discussed on the following pages.

Once you start driving and approach a POI, the TomTom Navigator window will look like this:

On your screen you'll see:

  1. All the things you normally see in TomTom Navigator.
  2. The POI you're approaching.
  3. A window informing you about:
    - the type of POI you're approaching
    - the angle and distance from your current position where the POI is located
  4. A bar indicating the distance between your current position and the POI.
  5. The icon of CheckPOInt, which flashes (very subtle) to indicate that it is watching for POI's.
    By tapping on the icon with your stylus, CheckPOInt's menu will appear.


Section cameras

A special feature of CheckPOInt is that it supports speed traps that check your average speed over a number of kilometers.
These speed traps work with so called "section cameras". Version 3.2 of CheckPOInt recognizes these section cameras.

As long as you approach a section camera , CheckPOInt handles it the same way it handles any other type of POI:

  •  In the upper right corner it shows the window that informs you about the fact that you're approaching a section camera
  •  On the right side of the screen it shows the bar that indicates the distance between your current position and the section camera

But once you've passed the section camera, CheckPOInt starts measuring your average speed, and shows it in a window in the upper left corner of the screen:

When your average speed is higher than the speed limit you specified in the overlay settings of the section camera, then CheckPOInt will play the sound file you specified in the same overlay settings. As long as your speed stays higher than the specified speed limit, CheckPOInt will repeat playing the sound file as often as you specified in the section settings of the section camera.

Once you've passed the next section camera, CheckPOInt assumes that the distance over which your average speed was checked has been completed and stops measuring your average speed.
You can also make CheckPOInt stop measuring your average speed by tapping on the window in the upper left corner of the screen.
Finally you can specify a time-out. When you don't pass a next section camera within the time-out you specified in the section settings, CheckPOInt will also stop measuring your average speed.

If you upgraded your existing CheckPOInt version to version 3.2, then before you can make use of this new feature, first go to the Synchronize screen and press the Refresh button!!!


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