Manual - Synchronization



How do you get your overlays?
There are two possibilities:

  • There are a number of websites where you can download overlays for use with TomTom Navigator. You can download the interesting overlays and store them in the folder on your Pocket PC that contains the data files of the map that TomTom Navigator currently uses.
  • The easier way is to make use of the (new) synchronization features of CheckPOInt. Then the only thing you have to do is to simply select the overlays you're interested in. Downloading the overlays and storing them in the right folders is done automatically!


POIplace registration

The synchronization features of CheckPOInt make use of a website called POIplace.
Before you can make use of the synchronization features, you first have to register at POIplace. Please follow the instructions on the website for doing so.

If you register at POIplace, you will receive an e-mail. That e-mail contains a security code.
You can make use of CheckPOInt's synchronization features by entering your e-mail address and the security code you've received in the Synchronization Settings screen.



To start the synchronization select the option Synchronize from CheckPOInt's menu. Then this screen appears:

The first time you see this screen, it will be empty.
You can then press the Refresh button to retrieve information about overlays available on the POIplace website.
Once you've done that, the screen will look something like this:

Now you can see which overlays are available on POIplace. The overlays are organized in folders.
You can simply select the overlays you want to keep up-to-date via synchronization by clicking in the checkbox in front of the name.

Before you can actually retrieve the selected overlays, first select the country of the map that TomTom Navigator currently uses!
By doing so, you tell CheckPOInt to not download the POI's from all over the world, but only for the relevant country.

Then you can actually synchronize by pressing the Synchronize button

Two things happen when you do so:


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