Manual - Recording your own POI's


Sometimes you come across a point of interest that is not in any of your overlays yet. Then you need a quick way to remember it!
CheckPOInt allows you to use one of the "application launch" buttons on your Pocket PC to do so. Which one of the buttons should be reserved for this purpose, can be specified in the general settings.

Once you press the specified "application launch" button the following window appears:

Using this window you can specify what type of POI you just came across. If the POI is of another type than the ones shown in this window, just click More; or wait: after 10 seconds the window will disappear again.


Speed camera or Red light and speed camera

If the POI you're recording involves a speed camera, then this window is shown:

Press the speed limit that is valid for your POI.



If you're POI does not concern a traffic camera but something else, you can press the More button.
Let's say you're recording the coordinates of a Wendy's fast-food restaurant.

Once you've pressed the More button, the next screen will be shown:

This shows the first level of overlay categories. You probably recognize the categories from the synchronization screen.
You can select the relevant category (in this case "hotels and restaurants"), and then the following level of categories will be shown:

Since we're recording a Wendy's, press the sub-category "fast-food restaurants".
Now you'll see the first six fast-food restaurants:

Since Wendy's is not in this list, again press the More button to show the next fast-food restaurants:

And select "Wendy's".


Remove false POI

If you select the option Remove false POI, then CheckPOInt will search for POI's within a range of 100 meters to your current position.

If POI's are found, CheckPOInt selects the most nearby POI and asks you if you're sure to remove it:


Record or delete a POI

When you record a POI, two things happen:

  • The coordinates of the POI are added to the overlay you selected by making use of the screens explained above; if you did not explicitly or implicitly select an overlay, the POI will be added to a generic overlay called CheckPOInt.ov2
  • The fact that you recorded a POI is stored so that the POI can be added to the POIplace website later on, when you synchronize


When you delete a POI, similar things happen:

  • The POI is removed from its overlay
  • The fact that you removed a POI is stored so that the POI can also be removed from the POIplace website next time you synchronize


Recorded POI's

Using the option Recorded POI's  from CheckPOInt's menu, you can get an overview of all the POI's you recorded:

When you synchronize with POIplace, all added and removed POI's are transferred to POIplace and removed from this overview; except POI's that were recorded into the generic overlay CheckPOInt.ov2.

You can select a POI and then show its position on the map by pressing the Show button.

Press the Remove button to get rid of a recorded POI.

The properties of the selected POI can be modified by pressing the Properties button:

Use the left/right buttons to fine-tune the coordinates of the selected POI.

If you press the ... button (behind the name of the overlay), a screen will appear through which you can move the POI from its current overlay to another:


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