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About CheckPOInt

By selecting the About option from CheckPOInts menu you can open up the following screen:

This screen shows you the version of CheckPOInt, and also the number of POI's that CheckPOInt is monitoring.


Show contacts address on the map

TomTom Navigator has a feature for storing the coordinates of 20 of your favorite destinations. But is that enough for all your family and friends? Wouldn't it be nice if you could select a contact in your Pocket PCs "Contacts" application, and then tell TomTom Navigator to navigate to the address of the selected contact?

That's exactly what this last feature of CheckPOInt is all about!

Start the Contacts application, selected a contact and hold the stylus pressed down for a moment. Then an extended menu appears:

Click the option Show work address and the work address of the selected contact is handed over to TomTom Navigator and can be shown on the map!

Click the option Show home address to do the same with the home address of the selected contact.


A similar feature was introduced in TomTom Navigator 2.0.
So this feature is mainly intended for users of TomTom Navigator 1.x and can be downloaded and installed separately.


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