Manual - Connecting to the internet


Connecting your Pocket PC to the internet is not a trivial job!
A few tips.


Desktop PC - 1

On your desktop PC:

  • Install Microsoft ActiveSync 3.5 or newer!
  • Open the ActiveSync main window..
  • Click on the "File" menu and select the option "Connection settings".
  • On the lower half of the window you see a checkbox called "Allow network (Ethernet) and Remote Access Service (RAS) server connection with this desktop computer".
    Make sure this checkbox is checked!
    Press the "Ok" button.
  • Then click on the "Tools" menu of ActiveSync, select the option "Options" and go to the tab called "Rules".
  • On the bottom of that tab you see a frame titled "Pass through" where you can select a connection.
    Select the connection "The internet" and press the "Ok" button.

Pocket PC - 1

Then go to your Pocket PC.

  • From the "Start" menu select the option "Settings" and go to the tab called "Connections".
  • At the bottom of the window you'll see a combobox titled "My network card connects to".
    In this combobox select the connection called "The internet".
  • Then start the Internet Explorer on your Pocket PC.
  • From its "Tools" menu click the option called "Options".
  • Go to the tab called "Advanced".
    Make sure the checkbox called "Allow cookies" is checked.
  • Now close the Options window again by pressing its "Ok" button and close the Internet Explorer.


Desktop PC - 2

Back to the desktop PC:

  • Connect your desktop PC to the internet the same way you do normally.
  • Check if the connection works, e.g. by starting the Internet Explorer and surfing to

Pocket PC - 2

Then go back to the Pocket PC again:

  • Make sure your Pocket PC is in its cradle.
  • On your Pocket PC also start the Internet Explorer to check if you can now surf the internet on it.
    Surf to to do so.
  • Then start CheckPOInt.
  • First you have to enter your e-mail address and POIplace security code in CheckPOInt.
    From CheckPOInt's menu choose the option "Synchronization settings".
  • Enter the e-mail address and the security code you received from POIplace by mail. Please make sure you enter both items exactly as you entered them in POIplace.
    Then press the button "Validate". CheckPOInt will connect to the POIplace website and verify the e-mail address and security code.
  • Now the option "Synchronize" on CheckPOInt's menu will be enabled.
    Select it to start synchronizing.
  • Press the button "Refresh" to fill up the still empty list of available overlays on POIplace.
  • Select the overlays you want to be downloaded automatically to your Pocket PC.
  • Make sure to also select the country that TomTom Navigator currently shows the map of.
  • Then press the "Synchronize" button to automatically download the selected overlays.


Please also see the Internet settings option if you keep having problems getting CheckPOInt to connect to the internet!


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